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Use the gravity of black holes to slingshot your cargo ship to your destination! · By RefresherTowel


Recent updates

Spaceslingers has been released on!
I've been working on Spaceslingers for the better part of the year and it's been a wild ride getting the game ready for release! From humble beginnings: To wher...
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Creating Sweet Particle Effects in GMS2
I've just spent the day breaking down how I created some of the particle effects in Spaceslingers, I also show how to create your own unique and interesting par...
Launching a Steam Page
Well, after making the trailer and getting some feedback on it, I've launched my Steam page! Probably a solid 2 weeks worth of work purely devoted to getting ev...
Steam Trailer
So this is the trailer for when the Spaceslingers page goes live on Steam. A little while ago I decided that I'm going to be putting this game on Steam when I'm...
Making Nebulae
Not much fanfare for this update, just a million little tweaks that collectively make it more of a game than it was previously. Options menu works properly now...
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Camera Issues, Quick Restart
Just uploaded a small update to add in the ability to Quick Restart a level by pressing R and fixed a few issues with camera movement (as well as a few other mi...
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Huge Update
Well, after about a month of work, I've got a new version of Spaceslingers ready! There's literally too many changes to talk about, but the major ones are the C...
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