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Spaceslingers is a fun and mind-bending puzzle game, where the only obstacles between you and your goal are the most powerful objects known to mankind! Use the gravity wells created by black holes (and other exotic objects) to slingshot your cargo ship to the correct destination.

The Steam page has been launched! Be sure to wishlist it!

After you've downloaded, be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on the game =D I'm always keen to hear feedback from players.

Twitter https://twitter.com/spaceslingers
Discord https://discord.gg/C8FbZrH

Mouse - Hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse to adjust the angle and power of your launch. Right click to cancel the current aim. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out and move the mouse to the edge of the screen to move the view.

Shift - Hold Shift to lock your engine power while still being able to aim.

Control - Press Control to toggle the aim reticle being locked on your ship or your mouse position.

R - Quick restart the level.

Level Editor
If you feel like it, dive into the Level Editor to create your own physics puzzles. Hold shift and drag the mouse to select objects in groups. Pressing Shift swaps to the Move tool. Pressing Control swaps to the Select tool. Pressing Alt swaps to the Delete tool. There's other keyboard shortcuts as well, but everything is accessible with just the mouse and the GUI in any case.


Spaceslingers v0.7.zip 34 MB

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