Launching a Steam Page

Well, after making the trailer and getting some feedback on it, I've launched my Steam page!

Probably a solid 2 weeks worth of work purely devoted to getting everything up and running with that. It's a nerve-wracking kinda thing, as we all know that something like 90% of games (especially indie games) make basically no money, but as I said in my last dev-log, I'm more interested in the experience rather than the cash, just hoping to make back enough to cover the steam fee and maybe a potential future steam fee or two.

If you're interested in the game, I'd encourage you to wishlist it. Now that I've actually got the page up, I'm going to do a marketing push for the initial day or two and then start divvying up my time better between actually working on the game and promotional stuff. If anyone has any questions about the process of launching a Steam page, feel free to DM me or ask below and I'll see if I can answer it without breaking NDA things.

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