Huge Update

Well, after about a month of work, I've got a new version of Spaceslingers ready! There's literally too many changes to talk about, but the major ones are the Cosmos Editor has had a massive facelift and functionality update. There's a bunch of extra tools (well, every tool is new I guess, besides the ability to create Black Holes), there's a huge amount of tweaks and graphical updates, there's a proper GUI system now, basically everything is reborn anew.

I've also done a fair amount of graphical updates for the whole game, including a different ship design, an updated title screen, particle effects, different celestial bodies, updated black hole effects, a ton of extra animation work, etc, etc.

There's also a completely new and expanded roster of puzzles. Still haven't gotten near the amount I want, but I didn't want this update to be -just- graphics/bug fixes/new Cosmos Editor, so I spent some time designing new levels and trying to create a nice difficulty curve as I introduce new celestial objects and challenges.

In some ways things a nearer completion and in other, more real, ways there's still a fair amount of stuff to do. I still need to create the Options screen (a lot of the behind the scenes code is there for the options, but I just haven't gotten around to making a GUI so that you can actually tweak the settings), I want to have a very tiny introduction storyline to the game, just something very simple and very quick but I haven't gotten to it yet. I need to do a lot of optimisation for the actual physics, especially the prediction system, which can TANK the FPS if used in very specific ways. And there's a million little extra tasks that I need to complete, but the game is really starting to come together and turn into something that I'm quite proud of.


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Jun 13, 2020

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