Seeds, your Village and the way they interplay with Combat

So I've been working on getting the Village functioning for the past few days. Seeds are plantable and they grow at different rates depending on their own internal timers. There's a rudimentary day/night system I've implemented for now, but I plan on going back and rejigging it a bit later when more of the other systems are in place (right now, I'm just using a coloured overlay to simulate different times of day, but I'm thinking of implementing a full shader system for this instead).

So far the game loop goes like this: Exit your Village and enter the Overworld. Find seeds and other items in the Overworld (if this is your first foray into the Overworld, it's probably best to avoid combat at this point, though it's by no means impossible to fight). Once you've gotten some seeds, you have two options...

  1. Go back to your Village and plant the seeds you have found. You can take care of these plants and buff the seeds they are going to produce by fertilising them and watering them with specialty items you can find/buy. These will grow into plants that produce the same type of seed that you planted, but they will have bonus stats as they grew under the care of a powerful nature wizard (you!). Gather these seeds in your Seedbank and go back into the Overworld to fight some bad guys. You can plant the seeds from your Seedbank in combat and then you'll have some fine troops to do battle with.
  2. Alternatively, you can choose to fight some bad guys right now without going back to your Village. This means that you'll be planting the seeds from your Inventory, rather than your Seedbank. These Inventory seeds are weaker than Seedbank seeds, but you can still buff them somewhat by watering and fertilising them as they grow, though they will never be as strong as your hand-crafted Seedbank seeds.

Once you've defeated some bad guys, you'll get some XP and possibly a few seeds or items and then it's off to find more seeds/take care of your Village plants/fight some more bad guys.

I'm pretty happy with how the game's turning out, there's a nice ebb and flow in the difference between peacefully caring for your plants in your Village and alternatively exploring and then growing troops in battle. A demo is still awhile off, as a lot of the systems are still in pieces rather than a functioning whole, but I'm getting closer and closer each day to having a good vertical slice working, so hopefully it won't be too long.

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