Barebones Combat

Hey guys, first time devlogging for Floramancer. Just a quick update to say that I've gotten the barebones combat system functioning. All art is still completely placeholder, but the basic idea for combat is that it has three phases:

Planting Phase

During this phase you plant your troops, traps and shelter using the seeds you have in your inventory. Each seed type has it's own growth rate and it will germinate after a number of Growth Phases. Troops that survive combat will be returned to your inventory, anything else will be used up.
> This phase leads into the Growth Phase.

Growth Phase
During this phase the seeds you have planted go through a growth cycle. Each seed has it's own number of growth cycles it needs survive for before it will germinate and become active on the field.
> This phase leads into the Combat Phase.

Combat Phase
During this phase you will move and attack with your troops based on how many Action Points they have. The enemy will also get their turn to attack after yours.
> This phase leads into the Growth Phase if any enemy troops still have HP, otherwise it ends on the Battle End Phase.

There's always going to be revisions and changes, but that's the basic idea that I have so far.

The gif attached shows me planting my seeds during the Planting Phase, then one seed growing to full during the Growth Phase, then me attacking a bunch of enemies with that one seed during the Combat Phase, into another Growth Phase when my guy runs out of AP then a final Combat Phase where I get every enemies HP to below or equal to 0. Then it finally ends on the Battle End Phase.

Of course, there's still a lot to be added. The only attack available right now is a melee basic attack. Eventually there will be ranged and magic attacks as well, but now that I've got the skeleton of it all functioning a lot of that stuff is just the dreaded data entry. Then there's the enemy AI, which I haven't started to implement yet, and there's still a few bugs hovering around, with one in particular being that very occasionally when you start a new turn and click on your current move target, the player will refuse to move at all until you click somewhere else first. However, that'll all get dealt with eventually.

Right now it's just fun to actually be able to play through a mock fight without the game crashing at some point.

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