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Play as a Xenobiologist trying to understand the life-cycle of alien eggs in this puzzle game. Piece together the requirements and spot common patterns amongst the various eggs to get each egg to incubate...why, it's almost like "crafting" life. Each egg in your inventory will "expire" after 20 days, so use your wits and dastardly cunning to incubate all the eggs before the Company™ moves on to the next planet.

Mouse-based Game

It's a little in-efficiently programmed due to time constraints and I haven't been able to test it on any systems but mine, so I'm not entirely sure, let me know how it runs on your computer.

Known Bugs
The resolution system is pretty buggy. It may work for you, but the recommended resolution to play the game on is 1920x1080. All other resolutions are used at the users peril.


Bio-X.zip 13 MB


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Had a bug that prevented you from incubating any eggs at all which required a single line code change, so I uploaded a new version with the single line change after the submission ended. Hope that sits alright with everyone.